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Stony Brook University, University Senate
University Environment Committee
October 30, 2014
VP Conference Room: 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Attended: Regina Lento, Eric Lamberg, Jenny Anderson, Gary Kaczmarczyk, Barbara Chernow, Dawn Pappas, Taylor Bouraad, Dimitri Tsybychev
John Sparano, Teri Tiso, John Murray, John Robinson, Paul Siegel, Glenn Richard

Guest: Ed Feldman
Introductions: John Murray
Everyone introduced himself or herself
Motion to Approve the minutes: John Murray, Paul Siegel second

The president of the University Senate, Ed Feldman, thanks John Murray and our committee for the good work we do, and asks who our liaison is to the executive committee and that we should fill our vacancies. We need a full complement to our committee. We can reach out to him for anything we need to know.

  1. Replacement of New Trees for new student residence (Taylor Bouraad)

Taylor Bouraad, as an Undergraduate representative asked if the One-for-One plan is to be implemented for the new student residence construction. Barbara stated that this plan is run by student affairs. John Sparano said they remove as few trees as possible. John Sparano had documentation to pass around that showed the pictures and space of where they might be replacing the trees. He also stated that it is not possible to do an exact one-for-one replacement, and Barbara Chernow agreed.
John Robinson asked if there is a guideline or a plan. Barbara said there is a practice, and John Sparano said that we try to replace whatever we take down.

  1. Faculty /Staff parking utilization on campus.

Barbara Chernow had a presentation from Traffic and Safety. John Murray has received some complaints on parking, especially in the area around the Chemistry.
Barbara Chernow stated that we have adequate parking. Barbara asked for 46 extra spots in the Admin overflow spot. OLLI, a group of adult lifetime learners which includes retired faculty and staff and community members, is taking a majority of the spots during peak times that are needed by faculty and staff. John Robinson mentioned that Grad Students can get a faculty/staff-parking permit.
New parking spaces as of 2014: 232 Commuter Student, 160 Metered, 930 Faculty/Staff, 46 temporary, 18 Electric car charging stations, 4 Zip Cars.

  1. Traffic and Safety

There are more classes scheduled during 4-5PM on certain days during the week which is causing more traffic on the roads and on campus. This causes not just a traffic issue, but also a space issue. Barbara Chernow is working with Diane Bello and the Provost's office on scheduling and space issues.
John Murray brought up the back up of the traffic out of the Health Sciences Center, it may be because of the construction. John Murray stated that there are heavy traffic back ups on Stony Brook Road on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 10AM coming onto campus. More police presence was suggested.
A light was requested by R& D park because it’s a very difficult area to make a left hand turn into.
Chemistry Building-Closing off the lots near the building when there are Athletic Events. Barbara said, that it was an experiment for that one Thursday. The parking lot was closed off at 5AM for the football game. There was also a concern on Saturdays because of the inconveniences.
Another concern was students driving around looking for metered parking before getting to class. They don’t like walking so far to class.
We all need to work together with the tools we have so far to implement a better plan moving forward.

  1. West Campus Energy Audit Status and update

    Postponed until next meeting.
  1. Pedestrian Safety: Skateboarders and bike riders, are misusing some areas of campus and we need to do something: P606 law needs to be revisited.

    a- Engineering lights have been upgraded, thanks to Barbara Chernow

b- John Robinson states historically that we tried to get students to use bicycles. This has been successful, but it has gotten dangerous in prime spots, especially in the Academic Mall area. What can be recommended?
1- do nothing,
2- ban them all,
3- more rules and enforcement,
4- more education
Suggestions included amending policy P606
Dimitri suggested speed bumps for the offenders;
Jennifer Anderson suggested special Bike routes, which would channel them to one route, the highest volume route;
Dimitri & Jenn suggested looking at what Europe does, as they are big on bike riding;
Another suggestion was that we implement a campus wide safety wide message on this issue; Paul Segal stated that we have very culturally diverse campus, and each group has a different way of doing things;
John Robinson recommended signage on safety, that we enforce existing laws, and get our options together for next meeting;
Regina suggested going through Student life to maybe make a safety video.

Date and time for the next meeting: Monday, December 8th 2:00 pm

Motion to adjourn: John Murray, Second: John Robinson

Meeting adjourned at: 3:00 PM

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