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Stony Brook University, University Senate
University Environment Committee
September, 15, 2014
Psych Bldg. Rm. 126: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Attended: Regina Lento, James O’Connor, Terence Harrigan, Eric Lamberg, Jenny Anderson, Tyrik Juang, Gary Kaczmarczyk, Barbara Chernow, Dawn Pappas,
John Sparano, Teri Tiso, John Murray, John Robinson, Paul Siegel, Glenn Richard

Guest: N/A

Motion to Approve the minutes: John Murray, John Robinson seconds.
Introductions: John Murray
Everyone introduced themselves.

Topic One: Campus Housing :: New Dormitory

Dallas Bauman: Demand on campus has been increasing. 2001 West Phase 1 521 Beds. 2004 West Phase II 679 Beds. 2009 West Bldg. I 173 Beds. 2010 Lauterbur/Yang 604 Beds. 759 Beds ongoing right now w/ toll Drive residence halls; 2743 beds total on campus. We have grown from 85% to 87% of freshmen living on campus.
The campus started requiring the town to list and register off campus housing with permits.
We have a substantial amount of student’s who live on campus. 75% of student’s use their meal plan on the weekends. Because of the increase of the demand for more living space on campus, it affected over 500 student’s. We offered a discount for students in triples. Next year we are offering voluntary triples.
We are the only campus in the country with a concierge service. We find an RA to find a room change and/or trade for a student who wants/needs to.

New construction: Adding another building like West Apts. Re-purposing space in James and Tabler Quads.
Current Project, 759 Beds, Estimated completion Fall 2016.
Phase I: Dining and Residence Hall bid and awarded
Phase 2: Residence Hall expected to be bid by Sept 1st.
Brookhaven Residence Village: Leased for two years from Dowling College available beginning Fall 2014.

Next Topic: Barbara Chernow: Review of findings before projects were started. Reduction of emissions. Endangered species were found in the study: four in total which were removed and replaced elsewhere.

Balance landscaping and grounds maintenance. Landscaping comes out of student budget.

John Murray is asking about any new designs for the new residence halls. Dallas Bauman is showing the new residence halls will be having a green roof. It will have to be low maintenance. Leed Certification on this is Soft Gold.

Status of Parking on Campus: John Robinson: Parking affecting people on campus. Issues with parking concerns Faculty, students, and staff. Barbara states that we have adequate parking, however, the person looking for the parking might not be able to park near the building they want to park near. John Robinson states most parking lots are full by 10:00 AM. Barbara Chernow states we will re-visit this item at the next meeting after looking at the statistics. We just added 700 parking spots. Jim O”Connor and Terrence Harrigan got Suffolk County to get students free passes to ride the buses on the weekends. They also got a bike share program going on campus to reduce the amount of traffic on campus and also to reduce emissions.

Paul Siegel has noticed bike riding is very difficult to share the road with on campus and bike riders are very rude as late on campus.

45 MPH change on Nicolls Rd. thanks to the ongoing effort of Barbara Chernow.

West Side Meadow: James O’Connor :16,000 sq. Ft. by gym road. Lawn changed over to sustainable meadow. Jim Robinson asked about how we are learning about these plants and the some odd 80 species needing water within a drought, and how many have survived. Terence said that the rain squall of nearly 13” of rain really hurt the planting and it will have to be re-seeded. Barbara suggests to blast the meadow in March as Jim states he thinks will work well.

Light Engineering second floor.

Energy Master Plan: Change over lighting in buildings, weather stripping, exterior lighting, metering systems, etc..over the next 18 months.

Representative to Senate Committee on Information Technology: Dawn Pappas Volunteered.

Election of New Officers was discussed

Date and time for the next meeting: Thursday, October 29th. 1:30 pm

Motion to adjourn: John Murray, Second: John Sparano

Meeting adjourned at: 1:10 PM

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