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University Environment Committee
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 10:00am

Administration Building - VP Conference Room 2nd Floor
10:00 am – 11:00 am

Attending: John Murray, Acting Chair; Paul Siegel, Vice-Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: John Robinson, John Sparano, Kristine Seitz, Eric Lamberg, Gary Mar, Teri Tiso, and John Shandra, and Gilbert Hanson

Excused: Robert Aller, Anne Doherty, Darren Chase, Matt Aiello-Lammens, and Paula Di Pasquale-Alverez.

Staff: James O’Connor and Terence Harrigan

Meeting called to order:

Introductions – Agenda and sign-in sheet passed around. Jim O’Connor introduced his role on the campus to the committee.

Review of the Minutes – N/A

Leadership 2012 - 2013 – Organized leadership role as Chair for the meetings, John Murray accepted this role as Chair and Paul Siegel accepted to stay on as Vice Chair.

UEC Conversation on collaborative projects:

  • Recharge Basin Discussion
  • Ashley Schiff – Paul discussed Grant for funds. Discussed projects w/Environment Committee.
  • A sustainability project in New Mexico, Student Support Project
  • Little Acres Planting – knowledge of the project involvement
  • North Entrance Meadow and Replanting
  • Grasses native to the area similar to Nobel Hall. Uses and type of opportunities where available
  • Bike Share details and new stations.
  • Pedestrian and Bike Safety
  • Signage and multi-cultural issues
  • EarthStock Involvement
  • Will survey good times to meet and work with the committee.
  • Other Business
  • North Entry Planting
    • Planting meadow a native northeast seed mix located at the North Entrance similar to the meadow planted in Southampton.
    • Dorms Nobel hall needs are different in the terms of planting.
    • Meadow requires little irrigation and limited maintenance.
    • Future Toll Drive Residence Hall
      • Funding building behind Wang Center Arch Design
      • Infill Buildings to keep cost down and minimize student cost.
      • In design stages: Funding TBD
    • Asian group to speak to or respond with a website, article…
    • Master plan – update. Possible website to be posted from slides.
    • Fish Farm project update
      • Mexico student from SBU.
      • Passed around fish farm fact sheet
      • Making bread volunteering collecting donations
      • What would you like the committee to do to support as they will ask people who can assist.
    • A subcommittee update for Ashley Schiff, working on newsletter and former student under Schiff.
    • Date of next meeting…August September meeting…

Meeting adjourned 10:29a

The next meeting is scheduled in the VP Administration Conference Room on the second floor on Friday, date TBD

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