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Stony Brook University
University Environment Committee
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
University Senate Conference Room
(Room 126, Psychology B)
2:00-3:30 pm


Adoption of the minutes from March 13th;

1. Middle States accreditation visit;

2. Faculty Senate standing committee retreat (Monday May 12 (during Finals week), noon to 5);

3. Subcommittee reports;

4. New business;

5. Date and time of next meeting

Minutes (draft)
Stony Brook University: University Senate
University Environment Committee
Thursday, March 13, 2014
Psych Bldg. Rm. 126: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Attended: Dawn Pappas, Eric Lamberg, Tyrik Jiang, James O’Connor
Paul Siegel, Teri Tiso, Nicholas Koridis, John Murray

Guest: Nick Koridis

Everyone introduced themselves.
John Murray is opening the previous meeting notes.
Paul Siegel approved the last draft of the minutes, Tyrik Jiang seconds.
The Sign-in sheet is passed around, and the meeting is called to order at 3:00 PM.

TOPIC: North Side of Campus, South of Gym Road Near the Cogen Plant

John Murray brings ups a big Map of the North side of campus on the screen for all of us to examine during the meeting.

John Murray is pointing out the space runs parallel to 25A, south of Gym Road near the Cogen Plant. Jim O’Connor is suggesting that a meadow be planted there. Currently there is grass, geese, and an underground utility line. Something the committee would like to see developed into a meadow like the North Entrance.
Paul Siegel said it would reduce costs in maintenance and the potential to lessen runoff.

Nick Koridis mentions it will mask the buildings in the background with the growth.

John Murray mentions doing it in stages, that someone else has suggested that idea first to reduce the overall cost.

Nick Koridis said back in the day there originally was a salt shed that was used to salt the roads during the winter months.

Paul Siegel suggests going to the other environmental group to ask for some assistance.

Jim O’Connor mentions that he has some student’s already calculating how many square footage this particular area is, so that planning can start. There has been a lot of positive feedback from the planning in this project.

There are some trees that are in place that will stay. Jim O’Connor says he is trying to use this area as a case study for other areas on campus.

John Murray mentions that there are many other interesting areas that look like they could benefit from our committee planning.

Jim O’Connor states according to the map, all the yellow shaded areas will be done in one shot and there are enough policies and people in place to get it done.

The green shaded area will be taken care of later on down the road. Runoff is a big concern, Jim says the best thing is that this is near facilities and they have a large staff and many eyes to keep a watch out for any potential problems if they arise.

Nick Koridis mentions that there is a recharge basin directly across the street. John remembers that one was broken many years ago.

Nick Koridis wants to know how long the project will take, Jim O’Connor says about 1-2 weeks using outside labor: Installation, very early April this year. Jim O’Connor will keep us updated on the project within the next week.

Ashely Shiff Preserve: Paul Siegel states that he is resigning from the committee, and they will be having elections soon. They are trying to introduce American chestnuts to the park, and they are trying to get a few seedlings in there to see how they do.

Subcommittee Reports
Ashely Shiff will be kept as open space; we have President Stanley and Barbara Chernow’s word it will not be developed. Paul Siegel says we will have to get it locked up sooner or later as the way this campus is growing.

Strategic Plan:
There is talk about building new residents halls, it went out to bid, but they exceeded the budget. It may be two years before we get them.

Motion to adjourn: Paul Siegel, second, John Murray.

Meeting adjourned at: 4:00 PM

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