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University Environment Committee
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Administration Building - VP Conference Room 2nd Floor
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Attending: Chair; John Murray Vice-Chair; Paul Siegel, Recording Secretary; Nick Koridis: John Robinson, Regina Lento,

Excused: Darren Chase, Eric Lamberg, Dimitri Tsybychev, Paula Di Pasquale-Alverez, Alexandra Santiago, Gary Mar, Teri Tiso, and John Shandra,

Staff: James O’Connor, Gary Kaczmarczyk; Executive Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Barbara Chernow, Senior Vice President Office of the Administration

Guests: Hanna Nekvasil and Nancy Franklin

Meeting called to order: 1:33

Introductions – Agenda and sign-in sheet passed around.

Review of the Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes, Paul Siegel and seconded by John Robinson.
Motion approved to allow Hanna and Nancy to speak with the committee.

Policies for Animals on Campus Update

  1. Gary discussed the proposed policy and briefly explained the scope of discussion.
  2. Hanna was introduced to the committee and was given an opportunity to comment to speak about the policy for clarification on the NYS Laws.
  3. Articles passed around the room such as the NYCRR Definition of Terms. The proposed Revisions to the draft policy had been discussed and edits were discussed.
  4. It was mentioned that other universities have difference policies for animals on campus. .
  5. The discussion on other policies was identified as Disability Support Services within their group that deals with disabilities and HIPAA.
  6. It was identified that there was a recent injury due to an animal which is a concern for the safety of our students, faculty and staff. Paul brought up a few concerns dealing with complaints, injuries and religion to have animals in the building or on campus.
  7. A recommendation for defining the wording should be passed by Legal Counsel.
  8. Nancy was introduced to the committee and shared with some history of the cat network. The cat network started in 2002 on campus. Nancy is a faculty advisor and has handled many issues among the campus. Nancy indicated her stepping down from the cat network and is looking for a student to take over responsibilities.
  9. Administration expressed their concerns about safety and wants to keep the student club funded in support of this mission. The club must comply about raising money for this mission.
  10. There are feeding stations that are in the process of being moved away from areas adjacent to building entrances and walkways which have been an issue.
  11. An agreement to work together was discussed to comply with new policies with the students.
  12. Hanna quoted some requirements for ADA Service Animals as well as the ADA and NYS Attorney General’s Office.

North Entrance Landscaping Update:

No new Updates
Ashley Schiff

Paul announced there were trees knocked down on the trail and have identified what would need to be removed for safety concerns accessing the pathways.
Recording Secretary – Minutes ended 2:35 pm

The next meeting is scheduled in the VP Administration Conference Room on the second floor, date TBD

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