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Minutes of the Undergraduate Council Meeting of March 27, 2017

Present: Leo Bachmair, Diane Bello, Jennifer Dellaposta, Arlene Feldman, Rick Gatteau, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman, Nicole Olakkengil, Charles Robbins, Deb Serling, Alan Tucker

Minutes: Minutes of the February 27th meeting was approved with the minor suggestion that the 2nd sentence in the 2nd paragraph not be taken to mean that that is the only charge for the Undergraduate Council.

Update on Retake Policy: The updated retake policy was sent by email to Council members, who were asked to vote on it. All those voting, supported the policy. It was agreed that the Council should review the effect of this policy during the next academic year.

Update on Undergraduate TA Policy: Alan informed Provost Bernstein of the Council’s discussion of this issue at its previous meeting. He reported that there was a division of opinion within the Council as to whether undergraduate TAs should be allowed to be involved in grading other students’ work. Provost Bernstein decided that he would allow the academic deans establish a policy on this issue that they deem appropriate for their School or College.

Discussion for Modifying and Assessing the SBC: The stimulus for this discussion was the interest of the Stony Brook Curriculum Implementation Committee to add two new requirements: “ethical conduct of research” and “diversity and inclusion.” Charles Robbins gave a brief description of the functioning of the Stony Brook Curriculum Implementation Committee, established by the Office of the Provost and the University Senate Executive Committee several years ago. The committee was charged with facilitating the transition of the elements in the Hemmick report into a new general education program (SBC). The committee has been meeting weekly for about 2 ½ hours to carry out its responsibility.

There was a spirited discussion about the relationship and responsibilities among the Council, the Implementation Committee, and the various college/school curriculum committees. Though no vote was taken, there seemed to be support for the following process: a representative of each of the college/school curriculum committees would participate with the Implementation Committee on any proposed changes in the SBC. Any proposed changes would then be brought to the Undergraduate Council for discussion and its recommendation.

An assessment of the SBC is necessary both as an educational matter and due to a commitment to Middle States to do so. Patricia Aceves has been put in charge of developing an assessment of the SBC as well as other aspects of the SBU academic programs.

Finally, the question was raised but not answered as to whether the SBC Certification Committee should continue since it hasn’t met in a considerable period of time.

Respectfully submitted,
Norm Goodman

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