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CAPRA Meeting Minutes
November 30, 2012

Attending: Paul Bingham, Michael Chiarello, Jackie Collier, Dale Deutsch, Shmuel Einav, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Meg Schedel, Pam Wolfskill

Subcommittee reports

Enrollment Planning
Paul Bingham reported that release of the white paper from the Budget Committee has been delayed until late December. CAPRA may have an opportunity to review the draft at our next meeting.

Enrollment Planning

Bill Godfrey reported no new information since last meeting.

Satellite Campuses

Jackie Collier reported that at Southampton, both the Marine Sciences and Arts programs have aggressive growth plans, with the former focused on undergraduates and the latter on graduate programs. It is not clear how the graduate arts programs at Southampton are interacting with undergraduate (or graduate) programs at Stony Brook; the subcommittee will explore this.

Shared Service Centers

Pam Wolfskill reported that not much has been happening with regard to the proposed Shared Service Centers.

Stony Brook Medicine

Michael Chiarello reported that budgets for all the schools are being centralized under the Dean of the School of Medicine. The subcommittee is meeting with Dr. Kaushansky in late January, and is asking for a new organizational chart for SB Medicine.


Bill Godfrey reported that there is significant unhappiness among the librarians. A nationwide search for a new Dean of libraries is going on. The future of library funding is unclear, and the committee will try to learn more about the library budget.

Strategic Plan, RCM, and Faculty Resources

Norm Goodman reported that he has been asking President Stanley about the campus-wide strategic plan at every opportunity. The subcommittee was asked to follow-up on this issue. There is a search underway for a VP of Strategic Planning.

Other Business

SUNY-wide budget

Norm Goodman reported that while the proposed new SUNY budget model is good for Stony Brook, it will leave 9 institutions losing a substantial portion of their previous SUNY funds; the impact would be moderated by phasing in over several years and there would be some Transitional Funding that these campuses could apply for. This proposed model is not yet final.

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