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CAPRA Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2012

Attending: Paul Bingham, Mathew Borths, Michael Chiarello, Dale Deutsch, Debra Dwyer, Shmuel Einav, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Kosta Plakas

Subcommittee reports

Enrollment Planning

Bill Godfrey reported on a meeting with Matt Whelan, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, to discuss enrollment projections. The rules of SUNY 2020 will limit future enrollment increases to 1.2%/year. There are no plans to use admissions to try to direct new students to particular majors, which, if done, could affect tuition income to departments under forthcoming RCM models.

Satellite Campuses

The University has signed a “Letter of Intent” with Southampton Hospital to associate with it and place Stony Brook physicians in that facility. If a fundraising campaign planned by Southampton Hospital is successful, they may negotiate with Stony Brook to build a new state of the art hospital on the SB Southampton campus. There are plans to move the graduate programs in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to the Southampton campus.

Stony Brook Medicine

The substantial changes that are taking place in all aspects of SB Medicine administration are causing considerable anxiety among the staff. The subcommittee has been asked to understand the specific nature of the concerns about the changes that are taking place so that CAPRA may consider if there is anything it needs to do about them.

Table of Organization

Dale Deutsch, the chair of this subcommittee, met with Tonjanita Johnson, the president’s Chief of Staff, about this issue, and was told that a new “Table of Organization” for the university has been prepared and is awaiting the approval of President Stanley before it can be made public.

Strategic Plan, RCM, and Faculty Resources

When CAPRA submitted its RCM report to the Provost, it recommended that a faculty oversight committee, in addition to a Budget and Finance committee, be established as part of the implementation of RCM. That recommendation has been rejected as an unnecessarily complicated structure, but three additional faculty members are in the process of being added to the Budget and Finance committee. Debra Dwyer, from CAPRA, will be one of the three, and a representative of the Graduate and Undergraduate Councils will be the other two. Paul Bingham reported that the Budget and Finance Committee expects to have a draft of the RCM proposal ready by December 1. The committee agreed that we should invite Provost Assanis and Assistant Vice President Maciulaitis to a meeting of CAPRA in December to discuss the report. The first year for the implementation of RCM is now expected to be 2014-2015.

Other Business

Cluster Hires

Decisions have now been made from the first round of applications for cluster hires. Two proposals from SOMAS and one each from Physics, Chemistry and Political Science have been approved. There has been some concern expressed over the process that led to these decisions, and the lack of clarity about the criteria that were being used.


SBU has already paid the $170 million it owed as a result of the Gyrodyne litigation. It is seeking to recover some or all of this amount from SUNY. In the meantime SBU has been using funds previously designated for deferred maintenance and for capital projects to make up for the shortfall. Norm pointed out that it would be better for Stony Brook if the State of New York rather than SUNY replaced these funds because if the funds were to come from SUNY’s budget, it would exacerbate the current existing tensions between the University Centers and the other campuses of SUNY over what the latter consider favorable budget treatment of the former.

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