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Minutes of the Meeting of the Undergraduate Council September 18, 2013

Present: Steven Adelson, Kathleen Bratby, Arlene Feldman, Sarah Fuller, Ellen Hopkins, Kane Gillespie, Cheryl Hamilton, Anne Moyer, Scott Sutherland, Janet Clarke, Jean Peden, Michael Mooney, Peter Khost, Norman Goodman, Roy Lacey.

  1. New chair: Anne Moyer was voted in. Scott Sutherland was thanked for his service in this capacity.
  2. Location and time: S1410, Melville Library, Wednesday, 12 noon.
  3. Possible agenda items for the year (Scott or Anne will confer with Charlie Robbins):

  1. Ongoing work of transitioning from DEC to Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC).
  2. Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): The current New York State audit and regulations are raising issues of eligibility for SBU students. We may need to change the language of curriculum requirements or recommend changes to TAP rules. Norm Goodman will bring this up at SUNY Senate.
  3. Appropriate use of Undergraduate TAs.
  4. Program Assessment.
  5. Definition of “academic progress.” For example, how are “NR” and “Incompletes” factored into Academic Standing?
  6. Transfer, 2nd degrees, and/or upper level 2-year programs (such as Nursing) and the new gen. ed. requirements: How will these students meet the new SBC requirements?
  7. Evening exams: Need to resolve schedule conflicts with evening classes and registrar-scheduled exams; and/or create process for making up missed classes. Some suggestions: automatic warning in PeopleSoft at point of registration; require faculty-to-faculty communication for make-up of missed classes.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Clarke

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