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CAPRA Meeting Minutes
April 26, 2013

Members Attending: Deb Dwyer, Bill Godfrey, Paul Bingham, Dale Deutsch, Norm Goodman, Schmuel Einov, Jackie Collier, Pamela Wolfskill, Gene Katz
Guest: Imin Kao

  1. Campus Hotel Rates.There was an active discussion about the rates being charged at the new hotel on campus. They are usually about $150/night but were raised to $278 for graduation weekend. After complaints from Norm Goodman they were reduced to $199, although they currently appear to be about $229. Discussions with the hotel management are ongoing.
  2. East Campus Parking. Deb Dwyer went through the options for the much needed expansion of East Campus Parking. The least expensive would only be a short term fix. Long term solutions requiring larger amounts of state money are not feasible at this time because of the states’ current inability to borrow. A public-private mix would seem to be the only practical solution, but this would require a significant increase in monthly parking fee in order to attract a private partner. How much the users would tolerate is not known.
  3. Stony Brook Korea. Imin Kao gave a presentation on the current status of the Stony Brook Korea project. The Undergraduate Technology & Society Major degree program is currently being given, with 25 students enrolled for the Spring 2013 semester. Applications for Fall 2013 are being affected by the political instability in Korea. In spite of this the Korean government has increased its commitment to the project. Advising will be done by SBU advisors who will travel to Korea for short periods. SBUKorea students will spend one year on campus here to fulfill their DEC requirements. The quality of SBUK undergraduates is excellent and they should not have any language problems when they come here.
  4. Institutional Research. This continues to be a major problem as the number of people in that office is much lower than it should be. Further, since the most experienced people have left, there is a dearth of institutional memory.
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