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CAPRA Meeting Minutes

March 29, 2013

Attending: Paul Bingham, Derek Cope, Deb Dwyer, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Meg Schedel, Ying Zhao

Issue requiring immediate attention

  • The Dental School has proposed a re-organization to eliminate two non-active departments (the Department of Dental Health and the Department of Clinical Dentistry) and to upgrade two disciplines originally housed in the Department of General Dentistry to two new departments (the Department of Prosthodontics and Digital Technology, and the Department of Endodontics) because of their increasing predominance in Dentistry.
  • No new resources will be required at this point
  • There was a brief discussion regarding whether the creation of two new departments was contrary to the campus’ shared service initiative; however, this will likely to be considered by the Ken Kaushansky if necessary.
  • It was agreed that this seems to be a reasonable request that is supported by the dean and the School’s Faculty Council.
  • The Political Situation In Korea
  • The schools are fairly close to the “danger zone”
  • Norm will contact Dean Shamash and Associate Dean Kao to find out what is being done to ensure the safety of our students*

Subcommittee reports

Stony Brook Medicine subcommittee

  • As a follow-up to the meeting of subcommittee with Dean Kaushansky, a white paper outlining options for growing parking on East campus was developed and sent to the Dean. He added needed detail but would like more information from his budget people. The subcommittee is waiting for these further details before circulating this paper.
  • General consensus of the committee is in favor of longer term planning and efficiency over cost-cutting myopic initiatives.

Strategic Planning subcommittee

CAPRA’S representatives to the Finance and Budget Committee provided an update on its meeting with the Provost, where he shared the following:

    • The white paper will be circulated throughout the campus shortly when

it completes the job of providing ‘the story’ behind reform – why we need to change the budget process and it develops a problem statement which leads to goal-setting

    • Responsibility Centers Management is not necessarily the right budget process for achieving the goals resulting from the motivation behind reform
      • The Finance and Budget Committee was given permission to explore creative options tailored to Stony Brook’s needs
      • Rather than a strict RCM, the result may be a hybrid model
    • The goal of a campus strategic plan would be to place SBU among the top 25 of public institutions in the country, which would require an emphasis on growing research

There was a discussion about the need for a publicly-available campus strategic plan, which the members of CAPRA believe is absolutely essential for charting the future of Stony Brook University

    • Matt Whelan is reported to be responsible for creating such a plan and is working on it.
    • Norm will look into Matt’s role and progress in articulating a strategic vision
    • It was also agreed that a transparent budget process would be a good source of information in terms of where the resources are going and on what basis.

Other issues
Deb Dwyer discussed the desire of the VPs to reconsider the placement of health management resources (in health care policy and management department) in terms of how to best use them to meet two goals:

    • Gain accreditation for the College of Business
    • Move toward an accredited SCHOOL of Public Health as opposed to an accredited PROGRAM.
      • To be considered eligible for a SCHOOL public health must have about 5 depts. One being in health administration.
    • When there is a completed business plan/proposal it needs to be submitted to the provost, who will then forward it to Fred Walters for review by all appropriate University Senate committees, including CAPRA for presentation to the University Senate for approval.
  • Norm provided some information on SUNY budget:
    • Hospitals – insufficient funding from the state
    • We are being called to protect downstate, which will affect our and other SUNY campus budgets
    • SUNY is responding for calls for transparency in campus data. If that involves comparison among campuses, that will mean comparing apples and oranges given the diversity in campus mission and markets

Next Meeting (April 12):
John Letterby from theater arts/arts
Bob Reeves will be asked to attend that meeting as well if

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