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March 7, 2014

Attending: Norm Goodman, Clark McGrew, Gene Katz, Peter Salins, Robert Kelly, Darren Chase, Bill Godfrey

Attention: Submit detailed comments of the president’s Strategic Plan by Monday
Reported: There is a revamped mandate for senate committee library – CAPRA will watch this development closely.

School of Pharmacy Proposal
VP Kaushansky response. 1.2.1 too much left up to Dean. How does proposal jibe with research programs. Clinical vs. research?

1.2.2 totally inadequate response -- 4 administrators per 9 faculty.

1.2.3 Consulted?

1.2.4 we can leave this alone, awaiting comments.

1.2.5 It is inadequate to assume or decide without a systematic process of consultation with the library that it has the resources to support the SOP, or in general any new programs. The library should be a part of the proposal development process.

How can the library leverage shared collections via initiatives like SUNY Connect? Is consortia collections a viable solution to supporting SBU research, learning and teaching?

1.2.6 Space issue: inadequate. Will it work: If? When? Not clear if enough space is being vacated to accommodate. Calculated space needed? Have department chairs been consulted? What are their reactions?

Do we know if UB Pharmacy program is a "cash cow"?

Strategic Plan
Not really a Strategic Plan, rather it is an “organized description of University”. Many things are unaddressed; there is a lack of evidence, data, strategy. It contains very little about undergraduate recruiting. No discussion of current undergraduates. No discussion of SUNY context. Not a thoughtful analysis. How do we manage interchange between SBU and other SUNY? This document doesn’t recognizing SUNY. This needs much more on how this fits into SUNY mission. There are metrics, goals, data and evidence lacking. The action items are safe actions, or actions that have already been undertaken. “Where's the new stuff?” Where are the resources coming from?
How does the provost intend to move forward given the finite resources?

There is nothing specific about the libraries. Great research universities have great libraries, ours lacks resources and significant support.

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