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CAPRA MEETING, February 17, 2012

Attending: Norman Goodman, Deb Dwyer, Kane Gillespie, Gene Katz, Paul Bingham, Stalin Mafla, Jackie Collier, Bill Godfrey

Discussion re: recent issues

General Budget Issues

  • It is good to be working with Buffalo to advance our common interests
  • Concerns were expressed about how several issues may affects SBU, including:
    • The delay in capital funding for a new dining facility
    • The decline in state support for the hospital; in particular, will the shortfall (at the Governor’s proposed support level of $60 million) really be $55 million this year (as opposed to $14 million last year), and how will it be handled by SUNY?
    • The Chancellor’s initiatives
      • Requiring administrative costs at each campus be reduced by 5%, which should be reallocated to the academic and student service sectors
      • Taking 5% off the top of each campus’s allocation for possible return to the campus based on performance indicators

The New RCM Budget Model

  • Paul Bingham will draft questions for the Provost based on discussions of his subcommittee
  • RCM-type models have been widely employed with apparent success
  • Positive aspects of the proposed model include increased transparency, predictability, and decision-making by those closest to the issues
  • More information from the level of faculty and chairs already living under this type of model at other institutions would be helpful
  • There was a great deal of confusion about issues such as:
    • How RCM implemented at the College level would provide incentives at the Department or Program level
    • How the Provost could/would use subvention to support individual Departments or Programs if RCM is implemented at the College level
    • How academic quality will be measured and valued
    • How the effects of perverse incentives, for example caused by intra-University competition (zero-sum situations), will be identified and managed

SUNY Korea

  • Norm Goodman will draft a report and recommendation from CAPRA to send to the Executive Committee of the University Senate, after it has been reviewed by CAPRA.
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