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CAPRA Minutes: 14 February 2014

Present: N. Goodman (Chair), D. Dwyer, D. Deutsch, S. Adelson, R. Kelly, C. McGrew, K. Gillespie, Schmuel Einav, G. Katz, B. Godfrey


  1. Mark Maculitis: Review of University operating budget
  2. Discussion of School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences proposal

Minutes prepared by C. McGrew.

  1. Assignments for minute takers were collected by N. Goodman
  2. Mark Maculitis provided CAPRA with hard copies of the SBU 2013-2014 operating budget (296 pages) and provided an overview of how to interpret the information. Questions to be forwarded to M. Maculitis: a) How does the budget compare with the actual expenditures? b) How does the allocation of funding match with the needs for teaching?
  3. Discussion of proposal for the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Comments were discussed and should be forwarded to N. Goodman
      1. The proposal should include a more detailed market analysis: How many pharmacist vacancies need to be filled in NY? What are the placement rates for the peer schools in NYS?
      2. What are the peer programs in NYS? How does the proposed school compare to those programs?

Space for the new school is in a building to be shared with the medical school. How will conflicts be resolved

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