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CAPRA Minutes for February 7, 2014

Meeting time: 2:30 pm
Attendees: Steven Adelson, Dale Deutsch, Norm Goodman, Bill Godfrey, Deb Dwyer, Sophia Kao, Rob Kelly, Clark McGrew, Peter Salins, Meg Schedel,

Proposed School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

  1. The Executive Committee requested CAPRA’s review and comments on this proposed new School. The following comments emerged from a discussion and analysis of this proposal, which had been sent to the members of CAPRA a week earlier:
    1. Identified 3 areas for comment
      1. Market Analysis required – the proposal contains a crude market analysis but more detail is required such as: details on job vacancies in this profession and unmet excess demand for pharmacists, especially in New York State
      2. Resource Requirements – what is the tradeoff by requesting SUNY funds for this ? Is there any evidence of support from the chancellor or the SUNY Board of Trustees?
        1. Is it an appropriate use of funds that may be provided by SUNY? What is the motivation for moving resources into this professional/clinical direction when research has been targeted for growth within the Stony Brook strategic plan?
        2. Justify the expenses given size of the programs within the school. Appears top heavy. Can it be integrated into something else?
        3. Demands on library resources should be acknowledged. Has the Library been consulted?
      3. Integration with other schools/departments
        1. Is a new school the most efficient way to go? How does it link with pharmacology, biochemisty, etc.?
        2. Does it create perverse incentives between departments in terms of competing for students? Or does it just make the pie bigger?
        3. The following individuals should be consulted:
          1. Michael Frohman, the Chair of the Department of Pharmacology.
          2. Dean Craig Lehmann, SHTM on operations for professional programs
          3. Iwao Ojima in Chemistry and Director of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
          4. Nicole Sampson, Chair of Chemistry
          5. Kenneth Shroyer, Pathology on operations for professional programs

Subcommittee Reports

  1. Enrollment Planning:
    1. New person in charge
  2. Library:
    1. 3 more lines added so growing
  3. Satellite Campuses:
    1. Korea is reaching out once again to other universities to join Stony Brook in delivering education in Songdao
  4. Strategic Planning, Faculty Resources, etc.:
    1. Feedback on comments of CAPRA regarding new budget model white paper
      1. The Finance and Budget Committee (F & B committee) was severely constrained in terms of creating a budget process by the Budget Working Group (BWG). CAPRA’s revised comments on the “white paper” maintains the agreement to follow existing policy of reporting administrative resource allocation decisions to CAPRA before and after they happen.
      2. There are no further changes that can be made to the document that we have submitted to Mark Macculiatis since the F & B committee has accepted our revised comments, which still need to be approved by the BWG.
        1. We will have ongoing input as we move forward.
      3. The timeline is still set to have us begin in Fall, 2014. The first year will be to become more transparent and document how funds would flow based on the new model.
      4. Metrics of excellence are being explored by the F & B committee, and qualitative measures are being considered. Music and arts continue to be a challenge given qualitative nature of their work.
      5. Some background was provided on the new budget model and the process for reform to new members of CAPRA.

Other business

After discussing the issue, the committee decided to create a new sub-committee to examine existing research on faculty-staff ratios on other comparable campuses. Staff have been cut significantly under Project 50 Forward. As we continue to increase both faculty and student enrollments, we need to understand the appropriate level of staff support that is now required to support these increases. Peter Salins was asked to chair this subcommittee. Volunteers to help him are asked to contact him directly, but also inform Norm and Deb. The subcommittee should work with the Office of Institutional Research to acquire the appropriate information on the current faculty/staff ratios, its variability by department/programs, and the experience of other AAU public universities as well as the other SUNY University Centers.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Dwyer

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