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Charge: The Senate Committee on Information Technology (SCIT) serves as the primary faculty advisory body for the University’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). This committee shall advise the CIO, and assist in crafting University IT strategy, policies and priorities. SCIT shall also help to develop policies about projects and initiatives involving information technology that support education, research and administration on campus. As technology permeates every aspect of the University, this committee shall be formed of representatives from all other Senate Standing Committees as well as elected members from the campus community.

Chair: John Shackelford

Melissa Woo – DoIT
Patricia Aceves – Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Cynthia Davidson – Writing and Rhetoric
Shafeek Fazal – Library
Dolores Bilges – Health Sciences Center, SON
Jonathan Rodriguez – USG Rep
John Shackelford – Student Health Services

Senate Committee Liaisons:

Capra: Margaret Schedel, Music
ARC: Robert Kelly, Computer Sciences
Research Committee: Thomas Robertazzi, Electrical Engineering
Student Life: John Shackelford, Information Technology Systems
Educational Services: Keri Hollander, School of Nursing
Undergraduate Council: Robert Kukta, Mechanical Engineering
University Environment: Vacant
West Campus Senator: Valerie Smith
West Campus, DoIT: Michael Ospitale
West Campus, Innovation Lab, DoIT: David Ecker

Executive Committee Liaison : Margaret Schedel

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