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Educational Services Committee

Charge: This Committee will review and evaluate the educational support services with the goal of enhancing the University’s educational mission. Among the areas of responsibility are:

  1. implementation of new educational pedagogies
  2. development of new learning environments
  3. application of new education technologies

The committee will work with Assistant Provost and Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology in order to accomplish its mission.

Chair: Keri Hollander, elected 9/11

Humanities and Fine Arts:

Cynthia Davidson

Writing & Rhetoric, 2-7565

Richard Ricioppo

Journalism, 2-1073

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Thomas Muench

Economics, 2-

Frank Myers

Political Science, 2-7645

Natural Sciences:

Fumio Aoki

Ecol. & Evol., 2-8539

Thomas Hemmick

Physics, 2-8111


Joseph Balsamo

HSC Library, 4-3102

College of Engineering:

Lori Scarlatos

Tech. & Soc., 2-8761

Erez Zadok

Comp. Science, 2-8461

Health Sciences Center:

Kathy Bratby

SON, 4-3282

Erich Bremer

Pharmacology, 4-3560

Kathy Gebhart

HSC Media, 4-3228

Allan Kucine

Dental Med., 2-8951

Peter Kuemmel

SHTM, 4-3193

Lenore Lamanna

SON, 4-7640

Robert Streb

Phys. Therapy, 4-3254


Keri Hollander

SON, 4-1055


Graduate (1):
Undergraduate (1): Labiba Bhuiyan (

Cognate Administrator:
Charlie Robbins, Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology
Wendy Tang, Associate Provost for Online Education and Patricia Aceves, Teaching, Learning and Technology

Executive Committee Liaison: Kenneth MacDowell

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