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Advanced Energy, Industrial Efficiency Technologies Including Batteries, and Advanced Nuclear Technologies

The scope of the AEIET team involves harnessing, storing, and distributing advanced forms of energy with research themes focused on the enabling science and technology to achieve a net zero world.  This ranges from advanced materials for energy technologies and device level investigations of chemistries (i.e. batteries, fuel cells, structural and functional nuclear materials) to integrated energy systems studies (i.e. grid modeling, energy efficiency, advanced reactor performance and safety).


Advanced Energy Tiger Team Final Report


Team Members
Amy Marschilok, Chemistry (Co-Lead)
Jason Trelewicz, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (Co-Lead)
Stanislaus Wong, Chemistry
Karena Chapman, Chemistry
Fang Luo, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Peng Zhang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dimitris Assanis, Mechanical Engineering
Gang He, Technology & Society
Ali Khosronejad, Civil Engineering
Kamazima Lwiza, SOMAS
OPD Rep: Donna Scala