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Events Calendar

Join Us to Celebrate!

Tuesday, April 25
Town Hall
Noon to 1 p.m., Charles B. Wang Center
Stony Brook University
Livestream at

Celebration and Dedication
1 p.m., Academic Mall
Stony Brook University
Tree planting/dedication followed by festivities


Programs at The Exchange include: 

REsearch and Technology Accelerator 

The Accelerator will support and advance climate research, creating opportunities to develop viable business solutions while expediting commercialization and avoiding duplication.

Climate Solutions Fellows Program

The Climate Solutions Fellows program will provide research and leadership opportunities — as well as training and access to resources and research activity on the Island — for the next generation of climate researchers. Graduate students will follow one of four academic tracks during the program.

Climate Solutions Semester 

The Climate Solutions Semester will emulate a study abroad program for undergraduates on Governors Island, following the same four tracks of study as the Fellows program.

Climate Solutions Workforce Training 

The Climate Solutions Workforce Training program will integrate, amplify, and scale green workforce training opportunities to promote awareness, education, and skill development in partnership with public, private, community-based, trade, technical, industry, and government stakeholders.

Climate Solutions Internship 

The Climate Solutions Internship will coordinate internship opportunities in the New York City area for undergraduate students by leveraging The Exchange’s diverse network of partners across research, industry, non-profit, government, engineering, design, business, media, and policy sectors.

K-12 Climate Solutions Experience

The K-12 Climate Solutions Experience will host immersive field trips and camps on Governors Island for New York City students and provide opportunities for K-12 teachers to learn from one another, co-developing new curricula with support from the resources of The Exchange.

Climate Solutions Culture Assembly

The Climate Solutions Culture Assembly will drive artistic expression and community engagement at The Exchange through coordinated experiences that will express research findings, display data, and call viewers and participants to action through visual arts, performance, and other means of expression.