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Welcome from the Director, Dr. Katherine Aubrecht

Welcome to the Sustainability Studies Program.

As part of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, we are a growing academic program offering undergraduate degrees in: Coastal Environmental Studies (B.S.); Ecosystems and Human Impact (B.A.); Environmental Design, Policy and Planning (B.A.); Environmental Humanities (B.A.), and Sustainability Studies (B.A.). We offer minors in all these areas, as well as in Geospatial Science. We also offer a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science. Our academic programs prepare students to understand and meet today's interwoven environmental, social, political, economic and ethical challenges in such a manner as to maintain a safe, healthy and enduring ecosystem and society. Our program is rooted in systems thinking, which gives students a framework to connect the different domains (environment, society, economy) of their studies. Our faculty use research and teaching approaches that are problem driven and solution oriented. We focus on developing not only students’ content knowledge, but also the skills and competencies they will need to work towards a more resilient world.

If you have any questions about what we do and who we are, please don't hesitate to contact me at   We hope you will want to learn more about our programs, and join us in analyzing and working to address the world’s growing environmental challenges.

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