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Our Mission

The Office of University Community Standards supports the educational mission of Stony Brook University by addressing and resolving situations in which the behavioral choices of students may negatively impact others and/or themselves.  Through our student conduct processes and outreach, we educate students on the rights and responsibilities of community membership, and support the success of individual students and the Stony Brook University community as a whole. We aim to achieve these goals through a range of interventions from informal guidance and reflective conversations through formal student conduct processes which can lead to restorative and educational outcomes for our students.

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Contact Us

Office of University Community Standards
Room 347, Administration Building

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: (631) 632-6705

Fax: (631) 632-5757


 For policies/procedures regarding Academic Dishonesty, contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, at (631) 632-7090. For policies/procedures regarding Scholarly Misconduct, contact the Office of the Vice President for Research, at (631) 632-7932.

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What Does the Office of University Community Standards Do?

The Office of University Community Standards receives, investigates, and resolves alleged violations of the Code of Student  Responsibility involving (non-academic) misconduct by students,  including any person who has accepted admittance to the University, undergraduates, graduates, professional students, and certificate program participants, matriculated and non-matriculated students, regardless of number of credits the person is enrolled in.

Any member of the University community (Student, Faculty, Staff) or visitor to the campus, may bring a complaint to the attention of the Office of University Community Standards.  The Code may be applied to off-campus violations when students are participating in University-sanctioned activities, such as sporting events, field trips, conferences, or are exercising privileges granted to Stony Brook students. In addition, as noted in the preamble, the Code may be applied to off-campus violations if such violations are deemed to adversely affect the safety and security of the University, University property or individual members of the University community.


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