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The Division of Student Life at Stony Brook University advocates for students while fostering campus involvement, civic engagement, and student success. The departments within the Division of Student Life offer quality services and programs that provide social, cultural, recreational, academic, and leadership development.



Advocacy: We support the needs and concerns of our students by providing a caring and just campus community.

Empowerment: We purposefully engage students and encourage them to think differently in order to promote positive change.

Collaboration: We partner with University departments and student organizations to form intentional relationships which create community and enhance engagement, outreach and student involvement.

Inclusiveness: We value and incorporate diverse perspectives and demonstrate our commitment to inclusiveness through our behaviors and actions.

Integrity: We employ honesty and ethical decision-making practices.

Wellness: We encourage and support an environment which promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

Fun: We provide an intimate social environment for students to develop relationships and community through co-curricular activities!