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About Us


Who We Are

The Student Media area provides information and services to the Stony Brook campus and surrounding communities through the use of media. We offer support to the student media in the form of advisement, education, event planning, media career resources and public service announcements for the campus and community. 


Student Media Council

The Student Media Council is the coordinating committee for SBU student media organizations. Membership is comprised of representatives of each of the Student Media Organizations, Student Media Office Staff, faculty advisors, departmental professional staff, and the graduate assistant for media.

The purpose of the SMC is to provide support, guidance and mentoring to all. The SMC provides a forum for discussion and resolution of issues and problems affecting student media. The SMC plans student press conferences, meetings, events, guest speakers, conferences and more each year both on and off campus with local, regional and national partners.

The SMC receives no separate funding and promotes ethical journalism standards and maintains memberships in the society of professional journalists. SMC goals are achieved through a collaborative effort of the assistant director for media , the faculty advisors of the media orgs, the graduate assistant for media and the undergraduate media students.

The Council meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis throughout the year. Members of the SBU communities can contact the SMC via SBLife or their advisor Isobel Breheny at 632-6828.


Student Media Relationship Statement

The student media such as student produced radio, newspapers, literary or opinion magazines or journals, video and film shall remain free of censorship and prior review of copy from University administration. Editor(s), manager(s) and director(s) are free to develop their own editorial policies.

Editors, managers and directors of student media are protected from arbitrary suspension and removal from office because of student, faculty, administrative or public disapproval of editorial policy or content. Only for proper and stated causes are editors and managers subject to removal (see below), and then by orderly and prescribed procedures.

All student media must explicitly state that the opinions therein expressed are not necessarily those of the College community.

All student media are encouraged to adhere to a published code of ethics. Samples may be found on the Society of Professional Journalists website.

The freedom given to student editors, managers and directors requires adherence to the ethics and laws of responsible journalism and reporting, e.g., the avoidance of libel, copyrights infringement, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on personal integrity, harassment, and slanderous innuendo.

Charges of violation of the items noted above shall be dealt with through the usual University individual or organizational conduct process.


Student Media Advisor Policies and Agreement Details are Available Upon Request