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Report Hazing

Reporting hazing is everyone’s responsibility and can save a life.  A hazing incident may be reported to Stony Brook University by anyone: a person who was directly affected by the activity, a person who was involved in the incident; staff, parents, friends, or community members; or anyone who is generally concerned about a student or group. If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a possible hazing incident, please report the incident immediately. The University has a hazing amnesty policy as we recognize students may be reluctant to report hazing activity due to a fear of potential consequences for their own conduct.

For more information on Hazing and Hazing Amnesty please review the Code of Student Responsibility

Reporting Methods

Don’t be a bystander when it comes to hazing. You can report hazing using any of the methods below:

    • Emergencies and concerns for health and safety should always be reported immediately to law enforcement.  Contact University Police at 333 from campus phones or (631) 632-3333 from non-campus phones. Contact local police by calling 9-1-1.   
    • File an Incident Report at our Hazing Prevention website.
      • This form is not monitored outside of normal business hours or on university holidays. If anyone is experiencing harm or is in imminent danger, please contact the police.   
    • Report to any campus faculty, staff, or administrator. If preferred you may report to staff without providing personally identifying information. Please contact the respective office/staff member and state you wish to schedule a meeting either in person, over the phone, or via Zoom without providing your name. 
    • Follow Stony Brook’s Good Samaritan Policy.

When reporting your privacy will be maintained to the greatest extent possible to encourage members of the community to come forward without fear of reprisal. You may be contacted by investigators from the appropriate department. Our ability to investigate hazing incidents depends on the accuracy and specificity of the information you provide. You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to address the behavior.Any reports containing Title IX violations are required to be reported to the appropriate offices, including reporter information. 

You have the option to report anonymously but it is not encouraged. Anonymous reports make it difficult to complete a full investigation and subsequently bring charges against an organization due to our inability to follow up, confirm or verify the information presented.

When reporting, please be prepared to provide the following information as best as you can and provide as much detail as possible:

    • Your contact information (name, phone number, and email address)
    • Name of the organization/s you are reporting.
    • When and where it occurred and who was involved.
    • Names and contact information of other people that were present or can corroborate the information you are providing (if available).
    • Any documentation or photographs you may have.