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Master of Science in Human Resource Management

Updated for Spring 2022 with New Course Options

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management program consists of 6 required courses and 4 electives, with an option to pursue an internship. The program was updated for Spring 2022; continuing students may choose to follow this new program or they may continue in their legacy HRM program. Please contact your HRM advisor if you have any questions.

Degree Requirements 

Students should take HRM 532 and HRM 533 first. We have created an advisement worksheet to help you keep track (requires an SBU log-in).

Core Courses 

The following courses are required of all students:

  • HRM 532 Foundations of Human Resources 
  • HRM 533 Employee Relations and Labor Management 
  • HRM 545 Employment Law and Policy (prerequisite: HRM 533)
  • HRM 548 Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace (prerequisite: HRM 532 or HRM 541)
  • HRM 551 Business Acumen and Data Analytics for Effective HR Leadership (prerequisites: HRM 532 and 533)
  • HRM 595 Strategic Human Resources Master’s Project (prerequisite: 24 credits of HRM courses)

Students select four courses from the following list:

  • HRM 537 Employee Learning and Professional/Career Development
  • HRM 538 Organizational Development and Change Management (prerequisite: HRM 532)
  • HRM 541 Human Relations and Workforce Planning 
  • HRM 546 Job Evaluation, Compensation Systems, and Benefits (prerequisite: HRM 532)
  • HRM 547 Performance Management in Organizations (may substitute MBA 592 Organizational Behavior)
  • HRM 552 The Strategic Organization: Communication and Employee Relationship Management (prerequisite: HRM 532, HRM 533, HRM 541)
  • HRM 553  HR Leadership, Performance Management and Organizational Effectiveness (prerequisite: HRM 532, HRM 547)
  • HRM 554 The HR Leader as an Organizational Consultant (prerequisite: HRM 532, HRM 538)


Although not required, students may choose to gain field experience by completing a one-credit internship practicum over and above the requirements for the Master of Science degree. The internship course (HRM 585) requires a minimum of 45 hours of work in a setting that is outside of the student's current area of employment. Students must obtain approval from the faculty director to enroll in this S/U graded course. At the conclusion of the term, an Internship Project Requirement (Work Report) must be submitted to and approved by the faculty advisor who is mentoring and supervising the student's experience. 

Contact the HRM program for approval and include a summary of the proposed internship including:

  • the relevant company/organization information
  • the name and contact information for the employee who will be supervising the internship
  • a description of the duties
  • the timeframe encompassing the 45 required hours
  • any other relevant information




This program admits students three times per year.


Statement of Student Responsibility

Students themselves are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and abiding by the University's regulations, procedures, requirements, and deadlines as described in the SPD Bulletin and all other official University publications and websites.