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Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration

The Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration is a 36-credit program that can be taken after completing a bachelor’s, master’s, or other advanced degree.  It is the appropriate degree for someone who wishes to work in the higher education field in a student affairs or administration capacity—either working directly with students or in a service-related or administrative department.

Current and upcoming course offerings are updated for every semester and can be found on the HEA Course Schedule webpage.

Program Requirements

Core Courses - 18 credits. The following 6 courses are required.

HEA 501 - Foundations of Higher Education Administration
HEA 502 - Survey of College Student Development Theory
HEA 503 - Leadership in Higher Education
HEA 504 - Research and Assessment in Higher Education
HEA 521 - Diversity and Higher Education
HEA 595 - Project Seminar

Electives - 18 credits. Select 6 courses from the list below.

HEA 510 - Technology in Higher Education
HEA 520 - Advising and Counseling in Higher Education
HEA 522 - Crisis Management and Prevention in Higher Education
HEA 523 - Student Affairs Administration
HEA 524 - Enrollment Management
HEA 525 - The Contemporary Undergraduate
HEA 526 - Career Counseling and the Psychology of Work
HEA 527 - Community College Administration
HEA 530 - Legal Issues in Higher Education
HEA 531 - Finance Issues in Higher Education
HEA 532 - Facilities Management in Higher Education
HEA 533 - Intercollegiate Athletics in Higher Education
HEA 534 - Philanthropy in American Higher Education
HEA 535 - International Higher Education
HEA 540 - Critical Issues in Higher Education
HEA 560 - Comparative University Systems
HEA 586 - Practicum in Higher Education
HEA 587 - Advanced Practicum in Higher Education Administration