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In May 2008, a student at Northwestern University died just before completing his freshman year of alcohol poisoning/alcohol overdose. His mother, a doctor at Stony Brook University Medical Center and President of the University, Dr. Shirley Kenney were moved to do something to ensure his death was not in vain. They along with Milton Glazer, a prolific graphic artist, collaborated with alcohol and drug specialist and colleagues from the Office of Student Affairs at Stony Brook University to design a comprehensive intervention program for Stony Brook students.

Every year approximately 1825 college students will die from alcohol-related causes and overdose. These deaths are preventable, and they can be prevented by fellow students. 

The Red Watch Band bystander training is a two-hour course that provides students with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths.

In addition to the bystander training, select students serve as Red Watch Band CARE team members. These student leaders have made a commitment as volunteers or interns to actively participate in the movement through outreach and prevention, marketing and branding, and research and assessment.

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