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Dr. Jennifer DeLeon

Jennifer DeLeonAssistant Journal Editor

"Career development is not something you can do overnight."

What is your current job or career? How satisfied are you with said position?

I am the assistant editor of the scientific journal Genome Research, which is a peer-reviewer journal in genomics out of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. I am very satisfied with my current position.

What was your involvement in PCLP?

I am the Co-Founder. I was a Student Participant in 2014, and a Leader from 2015 to 2017.

Did you obtain a job within the career field you focused on during your tenure in PCLP? If not, what important lessons did you learn from your PCLP directed career exploration?

I was interested in science communication and publishing.

Have you used any of the skills or knowledge you gained through PCLP in your job search or in your job?

I have used skills identification, skill building, informational interviews, and networking.

Reflecting on the program, what part of PCLP proved to be the most useful?

The most useful part of PCLP was developing a clear career path. I took any opportunity to network or do informational interviews and was well prepared with questions about the industry, which helped me learn about the career and discover what kind of job would best fit my interests and skills.

How did having a cohort of students with similar motivations about career development assist your efforts?

Participating in PCLP offered me a chance for dedicated career planning throughout my PhD program and to learn about different careers from the other participants.

How else has being involved with PCLP affected your career or career interests?

PCLP gave me the tools to develop a career plan and the confidence and knowledge to get the job I wanted.

What advice would you give to current or future PCLP members?

Career development is not something you can do overnight. PCLP provides students the knowledge and skill-set needed to begin the job search.