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Research in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior

The Department of Neurobiology currently has 23 faculty with substantial research strengths in neural development, circuit function, computation, cellular communication through receptors, channels and synapses and neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Fontanini, Chair of Neurobiology and Behavior, the department offers a university-wide predoctoral training program designed to provide broad training opportunities for students interested in careers in the neurosciences. Students can enter from their undergraduate training or through the MD/PhD program.

The graduate program provides a broad educational background in neurobiology, experience in teaching, and the opportunity to pursue original doctoral research in one of over 40 laboratories. The program includes scientists at SUNY Stony Brook, recently ranked number two in the Graham/Diamond study of public research institutions, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, an internationally renowned private research institute, and at Brookhaven National Laboratory, a multidisciplinary research facility of the U.S. Department of Energy.