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Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Guidance & Resources


We recognize that the nation is facing an unprecedented health, humanitarian, and economic challenge.
MTRC and our program partners are working together to bring you the information and resources you
need as a small-medium sized manufacturer to navigate through this challenging time. We are
monitoring developments at the State and Federal levels regarding relief programs for manufacturers
affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We will post information as we receive it.

MTRC is working remotely. We will continue to support manufacturers via phone calls and video
conferences. Our network of program partners are available to help you find answers to your questions
and address ongoing challenges. Please reach us at

We are here to work together and do what we can to keep Long Island's manufacturing industry stay
strong as we move forward.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Resources

See the various funding and resource opportunities are available for your business.

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Organizations in Need of Supplies

See the organizations asking for donations and how your business can support.

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Coronavirus Industry Impact

In response to COVID-19, MTRC is working with local, state and federal agencies
to bring to light the impact on the manufacturing industry within our region.

Does your company manufacture any products that are in high demand right now? 

If YES, please fill out the following survey to assist in compiling a list of manufacturers that can assist during this time.

High-Demand Products Survey

New York State has a critical need for medical supplies and we are willing to buy at a premium. If your business or company has or can make Personal Protective Equipment such as gowns, gloves, or masks, please email

Is your manufacturing business being negatively impacted by COVID-19?

This survey is to aid in estimating industry assistance needed during this time. We are all focused on keeping each other healthy and safe. MTRC is also concerned about our regional manufacturers' financial health. Let us know how your manufacturing business has been impacted.

COVID-19 Negative Impact Survey




COVID-19 Related Business Supplies 


  • Acoustic Loop Innovations, Long Island company, offers 2-Way Talker Shields

Acoustic Loop Innobations has joined forces with Audio Directions (the designer of the shield) to offer this specially designed shield that offers:
1. Protection against exposure and transmission of the COVID19 virus as well as other infectious diseases
2. A shield that allows individuals on either side of the shield (customers and workers) to be able to hear information that is clear and loud enough providing effective communication
3. The shield is equipped with a special induction loop system (hearing loop) that is the only system available for individuals with hearing loss that use hearing devices that contain a telecoil. This telecoil allows the person to simply turn their hearing device (hearing aid) to the telecoil program and they are in the loop which provides speech that is clear with all background noise and other distractions eliminated.  In light of the fact that everyone is required to wear a face mask and to social distance,  it is even more difficult if not impossible for a hearing impaired individual to hear another person speaking to them when being blocked by a barrier.  This shield solves the problem ensuring that a message is heard correctly.
See spec sheet HERE with more information. 
Audiologists, engineers and installers are available to answer all questions about the 2 Way Talker Shield
Contact phone:
Carol Letzter
Office:  516-731-5868