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  • Manufacturing Expansion

Every company's goal is to be constantly to growing. Here at MTRC we are able to assist in a manufactures growth process. MTRC can support your company's growth as you plan to expand your business. Qualifying manufacturers can receive an award of a percentage of the cost of equipment purchases, with a cap at $10,000,  to help subsidize the cost of the expansion project.

  • Research & Development

Feasibility Study Award

Small to medium sized manufacturers can apply for a feasibility study award through the MTRC. The feasibility award is designed to get manufacturers through an immediate obstacle and assist in taking the company to the next steps in manufacturing their product.

Matching Support

MTRC offers funding to match existing funded projects through various programs and awards.

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  • Workforce Training

Qualifying manufacturers can receive an award for a percentage of the cost shown expended for workforce training initiatives, with a cap at $10,000, to help subsidize the cost of the training. 


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Consulting Services

(You can not apply for consulting services through the portal. Please reach out to the contact information below if you are interested in any consulting services.) 

Consulting in Biotech Manufacturing

If it is determined that your company is at the stage to successfully work with a consultant, we will discuss the category and order of need.  We will review your requirements to connect your company with the appropriate expert. Please email us at for a meeting. 

Consulting in Food Manufacturing

MTRC has partnered with the Long Island Food Council (LIFC) to bring expert consulting to small-to-medium sized food manufacturers. 

More Information About Consulting


Post Award Impact Survey

All supplemental awards, consulting projects and cost-savings events will result in an economic impact survey at the conclusion of the project/event. Please speak with a MTRC representative for more details.