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MTRC Supplemental Award Economic Impact Survey

Your Input Matters: Understanding the MEP Client Survey Process

Every quarter, MTRC clients have the chance to tell NY-MEP and our national partners the benefit of their collaboration with the MTRC and our program partners, team in projects and events. Through a third-party administered survey, we ask clients to self-report accumulated impacts of cost savings, new investments, new or retained sales and new or retained employment from activities or projects completed with MTRC in the last year.

MTRC knows that these improvements leave a lasting impact on local communities and trickles out to the broader state economy as well.

The 12-question client survey asks clients about cost savings, job creation and retention, investments, sales, and other areas of potential economic impact. A sample of the questions that may be asked can be found HERE.

Client success, as shown through the survey responses, is crucial to reflect our regional impact. We look to share some of the success stories of quantitative economic impact growth and workforce success. Clients interested in sharing these success stories with our federal sponsor have the opportunity to do so quarterly through MTRC. This is a great opportunity for national exposure and partnership with NY-MEP. If you’d like to see some of the stories shared by other MTRC clients, please click here.

Here are a few things to be aware of regarding the survey process:
  • Manufacturers will only need to complete one survey per completed project.
  • One month prior to the survey period, MTRC will notify your company of when to expect the corresponding survey.
  • On the first day of survey period, the company contact will receive a unique survey link via email from:
  • Only one survey response is allowed by each company per completed project.
  • Clients should consider the totality of the impacts they have achieved in working with MTRC and how those impacts have cumulatively been expressed in the last twelve months in results.
  • Clients should consider cost savings, job creation and retention, investments, sales, and other areas of potential economic impact when completing the survey.

It is crucial to complete your survey to make sure your impacts are included in our region’s client reported impacts to reflect the active manufacturing community on Long Island.