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Students in SoMAS programs have the opportunity to get to know and work closely with world class    faculty, take field courses, and conduct  research in a wide range of coastal and oceanic environments. SoMAS offers classes at the    Stony Brook and  Southampton campuses and students have access to world-class   facilities well equipped to support   research  and   education  in a wide variety of oceanographic and atmospheric disciplines.

Undergraduate Programs

SoMAS offers the following undergraduate degree programs:

Each of these programs offers students the opportunity to learn more about environmental issues and prepare for a wide variety of careers.

The   Semester by the Sea  program at the Southampton campus provides an immersive experience in marine science and maritime studies for Stony Brook and visiting undergraduates and recent graduates.

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Graduate Programs

SoMAS offers the following graduate degree programs:

For both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs, students must focus their studies to pursue either the Marine Sciences Track or the Atmospheric Sciences Track.

Graduate Certificate Programs  are also available.

SoMAS graduate programs prepare students for exciting    careers in government, academia, not for profit organizations, and industry.

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If you have questions related to our education programs, please contact our Educational Programs Office.

For more information about academic advising, contact:
Nancy Black
Academic Advising Assistant

For questions related to the application process, contact:
Christina Fink
Education Programs Assistant
(631) 632-8680

For other administrative questions (e.g., regarding registration or orientation) contact:
Ginny Clancy
Education Programs Coordinator