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Participating Researchers for BioPREP


Participating Stony Brook University Researchers

(Click on the faculty member's name ot see a description of their research)



      Kaczocha, Martin

Applied Math and Statistics

      MacCarthy, Thomas (strong computer skills required)

Biochemistry & Cell Biology

    Citovsky, Vitaly
Dean, Neta
    Deutsch, Dale
    Karzai, Wali
   Simon, Sanford

Biomedical Engineering

     Jia, Shu
    Judex, Stefan
  Laughlin, Scott
    Qin, Yi-Xian


    Boon, Elizabeth
    Ojima, Iwao 
     Simmerling, Carlos

Ecology and Evolution

     Levinton, Jeff

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology

    Krug, Laurie
    Thanassi, David

Neurobiology and Behavior

     Kritzer, Mary
     McKinnon, David
     Plotkin, Joshua
     Sirotkin, Howard

Pharmacological Sciences

     Bogenhagen, Daniel
Tsirka Styliani-Anna

Physiology and Biophysics

     Acosta-Martinez, Maricedes
    White, Thomas

Preventive Medicine/Medicine

     Jennie Williams