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Engineering Summer Program



Dates: July 29 -  August 2, 2024
Application Deadline:  May 1, 2024
Application Instructions: Student fills out Applicaton Form (see below).  Teachers fill out Recommendation Forms (see below).  Students need to share the link to this page with the teachers who need to fill out their recommendation forms.
Cost: $800.00
Financial Aid: There are a limited number of full and/or partial scholarships are available to  applicants who are eligible for the Federal free or reduced lunch program.  Please submit a  letter, on letterhead, from an official at the school district or the letter you received stating that you are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program in order to be considered for a scholarship.  This letter MUST be included with your application.
Eligibility: Students must have completed the ninth grade.
Lab Hours: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Instructors: Marianne Schoepflin
Kristin Holmes
Housing: Housing will not be offered for Summer 2024.



The goal of this one-week program is to introduce students to electrical engineering and also to computer programming. No background in programming, physics, or advanced mathematics is necessary.

Students will investigate concepts in electricity and magnetism by building electromagnets, electromagnetic motors, and generating electricity.  They will connect these concepts to larger applications in electrical engineering. The participants will begin to develop their skills in electronics by building some basic circuits and will advance to more complex electronics projects using breadboards and microprocessors. They will each receive a credit-card sized computer called a Raspberry Pi and will learn how to develop code with it. The course will culminate with a project interfacing the Raspberry Pi with electronics components. The students will be able to take home these projects.

Throughout this program students will gain insight into how basic engineering concepts relate to the world around them.  They will also learn about some of the current developments in the fields of electrical engineering and computer programming.


Application Form


Math Teacher's Recommendation Form


Science Teacher's Recommendation Form