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Physics Teaching Center


The Program

In the Physics Teaching Lab, the mass of a subatomic particle is determined from indirect measurements using electric and magnetic fields.  In this lab, students use a Daedalon EP-20 e/m Electron Apparatus.  The electric field accelerates elec­trons and a magnetic field deflects them into a circular path.  From these measurements, the mass of an electron is determined.  These concepts are applied in mass spectro­scopy and particle accelerators.  The data analysis uses EXCEL, and a tutorial can be included if requested.  There is also an option to tour the University Van de Graaff Accelerator facility.

The experience can be adapted for Regents Physics, Honors Physics, IB Physics, AP-B Physics, AP-C Physics, and AP Chemistry.


$27 per student.


The laboratory takes 4-1/2 hours (including a lunch break).  The tour is an additional 45 minutes to one hour.   The maximum class size is 24 students.

To schedule your class please call (631-632-9750) or e-mail  istem