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Research at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science is organized around four main themes. For more information on each, click on the links below.

Machine Learning and Statistical Inference for Scientific Discovery

Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Complex Systems

High-performance computing and future computing technologies

Making Sense of Data

IACS faculty have identified these four initial research themes in order to:

  • focus our attention and resources on current and high-impact multidisciplinary research topics that represent opportunities for leadership and growth;
  • create new collaborations within and beyond IACS/SBU; and
  • develop name recognition for IACS by helping answer questions such as what does IACS do, what are our research products, and what is our impact 

While much of our research will be represented in these themes, their existence in no way minimizes the value of research beyond the themes. Similarly, IACS does many things other than research (e.g., training, research computing services, etc.) that are not explicitly identified as theme activities but nevertheless are instrumental to our success. Click on the left side bar to view the various media through which IACS faculty and staff communicate their research.