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Bryan Perozzi

PhD/Computer Science 
Research Scientist 

Bryan's research at Stony Brook focused on applying representation learning (or deep learning) to applications in social network analysis (including link prediction, user-profiling, etc.) and natural language processing. Bryan won an IACS Junior Researcher Award for 2 years, was the recipient of the Catacosinos Fellowship for Excellence in Computer Science, and received the Best Paper (runner-up) award at the SIAM Conference on Data Mining in 2016 for his work on anomaly detection in graphs. He was advised by Professor Steven Skiena.

Position Description

Bryan is a Research Scientist on the Graph Mining team at Google. For more information about research at Google, see "Google's Hybrid Approach to Research" or website.

Structure of a typical day

It's similar to graduate school. I catch up on email in the morning and get some programming done before lunch. (Ok, lunch is a little better than graduate school.) Then I usually have a few meetings and suddenly the end of the day is approaching. I make some progress on my research and then head home.

How did you find the job

I got started through the internship program (which I highly recommend). It's a great way to get to know the company and have some fun while doing it.

Advice to other students

I think there are a couple general rules for success in your studies:

  1. Work on problems you think are interesting. Enthusiasm is contagious; if you don't believe in it, it'll be hard to convince others to care.
  2. Treat your research like a full-time job.
  3. Don't forget to have fun. (Jobs have vacations -- take a day off after each paper submission!)