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AUDIENCE: All State and RF University Employees on West Campus and the Health Science Schools

SUBJECT(S): HR NOW... Building a Better Tomorrow, Today!

DATE:  11/01/2022


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HR NOW is a collaborative effort aimed at ensuring that the university is providing world class HR support and an exceptional employee experience for all. It grew out of the Strategic Budget Initiative (SBI) and is consistent with the values and vision emerging from our campus strategic planning effort. 

Our workforce and HR needs have never been greater or more complex, and making sure the university is an employer of choice with the necessary HR support is critical. While Stony Brook features many best practices in HR, our resources supporting HR across the campus are uneven, and our decentralized HR structure results in inconsistent levels of support and services for our leaders, faculty, and staff across the university. Dated systems and complex, manual HR processes also prevent us from consistently delivering an efficient and seamless HR experience. We also know that in order to maintain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining faculty and staff, we need to invest in more programs and services to support and develop our employees. HR Now is focused on these areas to ensure an outstanding HR experience across the university.

We are making great progress, and would like to share some key updates:

  • Several new and expanded services in Central HR have been developed, including resources for training, career development, and expanded recruiting and employee engagement services to help build and sustain a great employee experience.

  • Many core HR processes have been streamlined and redesigned, and this work will continue for the next couple of months.

  • We are investing in new and expanded HR technology solutions that will provide easier and faster access to HR services and information along with modern tools to enhance the customer experience.

  • The HR Now Steering Committee, made up of campus leaders, faculty, and staff, has been hard at work since June to develop new approaches that will address the inconsistency and gaps with decentralized HR support across the campus.

HR NOW will continue to be a collaborative and inclusive effort, and throughout the fall semester we will be engaging stakeholders across the campus community and gathering ongoing input into emerging changes. We will continue to provide occasional updates. In the meantime, be sure to check out the HR NOW website for the latest news and to share your feedback and ideas.

Thank you for your continued engagement and support in this exciting endeavor to provide a world class HR and employee experience for our entire Stony Brook community.



Judith Greiman
Chief Deputy to the President
Sr. VP, Government &
Community Relations

Lynn Johnson
Vice President of
Human Resource Services