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  • Supports the Mission and Strategic Efforts of Healthier U.
  • Relates to a   Dimension of Wellness:  Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Occupational and Physical.
  • Attempts to redirect Stony Brook University employees back to Stony Brook University and create a University-wide return on investment.  (Applies to SBU Sourced Programming and Programs).
  • Recognizes that Stony Brook University is comprised of different physical locations and employees with varied availability.
  • The location, parking and access to the event are acceptable for Stony Brook University employees.
  • Stony Brook University employees and participants will only need to provide voluntary information.


  • Design your workshop specifically for educational purposes on a particular health and wellness topic. Please do  not include promotion of your department (Stony Brook University/Stony Brook Medicine) or your company services or materials in any educational handouts.
  • Promotional materials such as your business card and brochures can be made available at a table for employees. Gift certificates or discounted coupons are prohibited.
  • Making any direct solicitation is prohibited including advertising employee discounts.
  • Healthier U provides a sign-in sheet for participants and does not share employee names with the presenter. You are welcome to provide an additional sign-in sheet for employees who may wish to learn more about your services and/or to set up individual consultations at your office.
  • Healthier U reserves the right to amend the presentation to conform with our guidelines as needed.
  • Healthier U will promote your workshop to employees, arrange your audiovisual needs, and coordinate both online registration and online evaluation.
  • Healthier U will provide an opportunity for your workshop to be recorded as a webinar.  Employees can access the webinar from their office or at a time that is convenient for them.  The webinar will also be posted in our video library on Healthier U's website with your permission.  If you agree to being videotaped for the webinar, then we ask that you review and sign a Presenter Media Consent Form.
  • There is no commitment on the part of Healthier U to promote your workshop at regular intervals throughout the year due to the number of requests we receive each month.
  • You will be provided with a link to your workshop evaluation to obtain employee feedback. Employees may choose to leave their name and contact information.
  • You may not include Healthier U’s name in your department or company promotional literature without first consulting with Healthier U for permission.

Thank you for reviewing both Healthier U's Event Criteria for Sponsorship and Marketing and the Guidelines for Presenters.  If you have any questions, please  contact Healthier U.  If your event meets our criteria and you agree to the guidelines, then we invite your to  submit your application.  After you have submitted your application please allow for 10 business days for review and approval.

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