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Executive Summary

  • Healthier U will combine the unique talents and resources of Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Medicine to offer all employees a comprehensive wellness program
  • Healthier U will serve as the platform which helps coordinate and promote health related events and initiatives for employees, and applauds employee success stories
  • Healthier U will increase employee awareness of all health services available through Stony Brook Medicine
  • Healthier U will work with internal and external bodies to gather information and seek to implement means which improve employee well-being
  • Healthier U will facilitate access to a wide variety of university resources and services

Anticipated Benefits for Employees

  • Feel healthier, smarter, more confident and less stressed
  • Build a network and support system comprised of fellow Stony Brook employees
  • Increased morale and participation in events
  • Higher utilization of preventative health care services  
  • Reduced personal health care costs and related expenses
  • Increased awareness of the opportunities and benefits of living a healthier lifestyle
  • Incentives and potential recognition for participating in Healthier U sponsored activities  

Anticipated Benefits for Stony Brook University

  • Happier, healthier, more productive work force
  • Increased use of university health-related facilities and services  
  • Reduced employee health risks and absenteeism
  • Recognition of our employees who are living a healthy lifestyle
  • Provides a central hub for communicating Stony Brook University & Stony Brook Medicine’s health & wellness expertise, current events and resources