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Faculty of the Genetics Program A to Z


Acosta-Martinez, Maricedes Physiology & Biophysics.  Neuroendocrine regulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad (HPG) axis

Bahou, Wadie , Medicine/Hematology.  Genetic disorders of hemostasis and thrombosis

Beyaz, Semir , Cold Spring Harbor.  Dietary regulation of immunity and cancer; epigenetics; metabolism

Bialkowska, Agnieszka , Medicine/Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Acute and chronic pancreatitis; pancreatic cancer; animal models; pancreatic stromal and immune cell interactions,;single-cell and bulk next-generation sequencing

Bingham, Paul , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Novel approaches to cancer chemotherapy; genetic control of development and gene expression in animals

Brownlee, Christopher , Pharmacological Sciences. Molecular mechanisms of spindle orientation, ciliogenesis, polarity, actin cortex formation, and axonogenesis

Canli, Turhan , Psychology.  Genomic imaging of emotion, personality, and individual differences

Carpino, Nicholas , Microbiology & Immunology.  Positive and negative regulation of T cell receptor signaling

Carter, Carol A. , Microbiology & Immunology.  Retroviral assembly and post-assembly events

Chan, Chia-Hsin (Lori) , Pharmacological Sciences.  Molecular mechanisms of cancer development; cancer metabolism and stemness

Chen, Jiang , Pathology.  Planar cell polarity and primary cilia in skin and hair follicle development and skin cancers

Chung, Jun , Pathology.  Mechanisms of tumor invasion and metastasis

Citovsky, Vitaly , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Genetic transformation, intercellular transport, and chromatin remodeling in plants

Colognato, Holly , Pharmacological Sciences.  Extracellular matrix in the brain: roles during development and neurodegeneration

Davalos, Liliana , Ecology & Evolution.  Environmental change and its relationship to phylogeny, population genetics, and biodiversity conservation

Del Poeta, Maurizio , Microbiology & Immunology.  Sphingolipid metabolism and signaling in fungal and mammalian cells

Demple, Bruce , Pharmacological Sciences.  Cellular systems to counteract oxidative damage

Dobin, Alexander , Cold Spring Harbor.  Computational multi-omics; biological big data; bioinformatics tools

dos Santos, Camila , Cold Spring Harbor.  Epigenetic dependencies of normal and malignant breast development; gene expression in prevention and treatment of cancer

Dubnau, Josh , Anesthesiology.  Learning, memory, genetics, and behavior

Eanes, Walter , Ecology & Evolution.  Molecular evolution and phylogenetic analysis

Egeblad, Mikala , Cold Spring Harbor.  Tumor microenvironment, tumor-associated myeloid cells, and breast cancer

Enikolopov, Grigori , Anesthesiology.  Stem cells, neurogenesis, and signal transduction

Fearon, Douglas , Cold Spring Harbor.  Cancer immunology; immunotherapy; host response to cancer

Freimuth, Paul , Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Virus-receptor interactions

Frohman, Michael , Pharmacological Sciences.  Lipid signaling in normal physiology, diabetes, and cancer

Furie, Martha B. , Pathology.  Interactions of bacterial pathogens with host cells of innate immunity

Futcher, A. Bruce , Microbiology & Immunology.  Cancer, cell cycle, cyclins, microarrays, computational biology, and yeast genetics

Ge, Shaoyu , Neurobiology & Behavior.  Functional integration of new neurons into brain circuits

Gergen, J. Peter , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Transcriptional regulation in   Drosophila

Ghebrehiwet, Berhane , Medicine.  Structure-function of C1q receptors and their role in infection, inflammation, and cancer

Gingeras, Thomas , Cold Spring Harbor.  Genome-wide organization of transcription and functional roles of non-protein coding RNAs

Hammell, Christopher , Cold Spring Harbor.  Genetic regulation of temporal development and the function of animal microRNAs

Hammell, Molly , Cold Spring Harbor.  Computational and functional genomics; control of transposable elements; neurodegenerative disease

Hannun, Yusuf , Medicine and Cancer Center. Mechanisms and functions of bioactive sphingolipids in cancer

Hearing, Patrick , Microbiology & Immunology.  Adenovirus regulation of cellular proliferation and; adenovirus vectors for human gene therapy

Hollingsworth, Nancy , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Chromosome behavior in meiosis

Hu, Chi-Kuo , Bochemistry & Cell Biology.  The biology of dormancy and its interaction with development and aging.

Huang, Z. Josh , Cold Spring Harbor.  Development and function of the GABAergic inhibitory circuitry in neocortex; neurogenomics; autism

Jackson, David , Cold Spring Harbor.  Plant development; stem cell signaling; genomics and imaging

Janowitz, Tobias , Cold Spring Harbor.  Host response to cancer: metabolic, endocrinological, neurological, and immunological consequences and treatment strategies in cancer medicine

Joshua-Tor, Leemor , Cold Spring Harbor.  Structural biology; nucleic acid regulation; RNAi; molecular recognition; X-ray crystallography

Ju, Jingfang , Pathology.  miRNAs in proliferation, cell-cycle control, chemoresistance of tumor stem cells, and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

Karzai, A. Wali , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Structure and function of RNA-binding proteins; SmpB-SsrA quality control system

Kernan, Maurice , Neurobiology & Behavior.  Mechanical senses in   Drosophila; ciliary signaling

Kim, Hwan , Microbiology & Immunology.  Rickettsial pathogenesis and vaccine assembly for tick-borne rickettsioses

Kim, Hyungjin , Pharmacological Sciences.  Mechanisms of mammalian DNA replication and repair in cancer development and therapy

Konopka, James , Microbiology & Immunology.  Cell growth and development in yeast; G protein signal transduction

Krainer, Adrian R ., Cold Spring Harbor. Posttranscriptional control of gene expression; pre-mRNA splicing mechanisms, fidelity and genetic diseases

Kritzer, Mary , Neurobiology & Behavior.  Effects of the gonadal hormones on the structure, biochemistry, and function of the cerebral cortex

Krug, Laurie , Microbiology & Immunology.  Virus-host interactions during chronic γherpesvirus infection

Lee, Jay,   Cold Spring Harbor.   Functional genomics; spatial reconstruction of gene expression and cell lineage information; technology development

Li, Bo , Cold Spring Harbor, Neuroscience.  Glutamatergic synapses; synaptic plasticity; schizophrenia; depression; rodent models of psychiatric disorders

Lin, Richard , Physiology & Biophysics.  Physiological functions and pathological roles of phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3Ks)

Luberto, Chiara , Physiology & Biophysics.  Sphingolipid metabolism and signaling

Luk, Ed , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Cellular organization of chromatin structure for accommodation and control of gene expression

MacCarthy, Tom , Applied Mathematics & Statistics.  Computational immunology and evolutionary systems biology

Mackow, Erich , Microbiology & Immunology.  Rotavirus and hantavirus genetics and pathogenesis

Martienssen, Robert , Cold Spring Harbor.  Epigenetics; chromatin and chromosome biology; stem cells; plant genomics; plant evolution; aquatic plants

Martin, Benjamin , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Stem cell maintenance and differentiation; developmental mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis

Martinez, Luis , Pathology.  Gain of function of mutant p53 oncogene

Matus, David , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Evolutionary, cellular, and developmental study of nematode uterine-vulval attachment and morphogenesis

McCombie, Richard , Cold Spring Harbor.  Genomics of psychiatric disorders; genomics of cancer; computational genomics; plant genomics

Meyer, Hannah , Cold Spring Harbor.  Tolerance induction and generation of diversity in the developing immune system; systems immunology; transcriptomics; bioinformatics

Mills, Alea , Cold Spring Harbor.  Cancer; development; aging; senescence; epigenetics; autism

Moll, Ute , Pathology.  The p53/p73/p63 gene family in human cancer; transcription-independent mitochondrial apoptosis program of p53

Neiman, Aaron , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Vesicle trafficking and membrane-cytoskeletal interactions

Pedmale, Ullas , Cold Spring Harbor. Organism-environment interactions; photobiology; signal transduction; genomics; cellular growth; decision-making in plants

Pisconti, Dada , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Muscle stem cells; muscular dystrophy; muscle development; muscle regeneration; muscle aging; extracellular matrix; biology of proteoglycans

Powers, R. Scott , Pathology.  Cancer gene discovery; cancer diagnostics and therapeutics; cancer biology

Reich (Marshall), Nancy , Microbiology & Immunology.  Signaling switches in gene expression by hormones or viral infection

Rest, Joshua , Ecology & Evolution.  Computational, comparative, and experimental approaches to study linkage of genotype and phenotype

Seeliger, Jessica Pharmacological Sciences.  Mechanisms of cell wall and membrane assembly in  Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Seeliger, Markus , Pharmacological Sciences.  Molecular mechanisms of protein kinase and ubiquitin ligase signaling in cancer and aging

Shelly, Maya , Neurobiology & Behavior.  Molecular mechanisms of embryonic brain development; axon regeneration; neurodegenerative disorders

Sheltzer, Jason , Cold Spring Harbor.  Consequences of aneuploidy and gene dosage imbalances in development and cancer

Sheridan, Brian , Microbiology & Immunology.  Mucosal immunology; T cell memory; vaccine design; host-pathogen interactions

Shroyer, Kenneth , Pathology.  Molecular characterization of benign, premalignant, and malignant lesions of the female genital tract

Siepel, Adam , Cold Spring Harbor.  Computational biology; population genetics; computational genomics; molecular evolution; transcriptional regulation

Sirotkin, Howard , Neurobiology & Behavior.  Specification and patterning of the neural plate; vertebrate developmental genetics

Sordella, Raffaella , Cold Spring Harbor.  Molecular therapeutics; signal transduction

Spector, David , Cold Spring Harbor.  Cell biology; gene expression; nuclear structure; non-coding RNAs

Stillman, Bruce , Cold Spring Harbor.  Cancer; cell cycle; DNA replication; chromatin assembly; biochemistry; yeast genetics

Takemaru, Ken-Ichi , Pharmacological Sciences.  Cell signaling and ciliogenesis in mammalian development, health, and disease

Talos, Flaminia , Urology/Pathology.  Intra-tumor heterogeneity in prostate cancer; tissue reprogramming in the urinary bladder

Thanassi, David , Microbiology & Immunology.  Secretion of bacterial virulence factors and their roles in pathogenesis

Thomsen, Gerald , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  The transforming growth factor-ß family in embryonic development

Tonks, Nicholas , Cold Spring Harbor.  Posttranslational modification; phosphorylation; phosphatases; signal transduction; protein structure and function

Trotman, Lloyd , Cold Spring Harbor.  Cancer modeling and treatment; senescence and tumor progression; cancer visualization; PTEN regulation

True, John , Ecology & Evolution.  Evolutionary genetics in   Drosophila

Tsirka, Styliana-Anna , Pharmacological Sciences.  Cross-talk between the nervous and immune systems in health and disease

Tuveson, David , Cold Spring Harbor.  Pancreatic cancer; experimental therapeutics; diagnostics; mouse models; cancer genetics

Vakoc, Christopher , Cold Spring Harbor.  Transcriptional regulation of mammalian cell growth

Van Aelst, Linda , Cold Spring Harbor. Signal transduction; Ras and Rho proteins; tumorigenesis; neuronal development

Van der Velden, Adrianus , Microbiology & Immunology.  The mammalian T cell response to   Salmonella enterica  serovar Typhimurium

Veeramah, Krishna , Ecology & Evolution.  Evolutionary genomics

White, Thomas , Physiology & Biophysics.  Gap junction functions defined by genetic diseases and gene knockouts

Williams, Jennie , Family, Population and Preventive Medicine. Cancer chemotherapeutics; cancer health disparity; tumor biology; chemoresistance/chemoresponse in racial and ethnic populations

Zachar, Zuzana , Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  Cancer chemotherapy drug discovery

Zhang, Lingbo ,   Cold Spring Harbor.  Normal and malignant stem and progenitor cells; self-renewal; metabolism; therapeutic targets