Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM+) 

Courses meeting the STEM+ requirement will typically have prerequisites from the Master Quantitative Problem Solving (QPS), Study the Natural World (SNW), or Understand Technology (TECH) areas. Such courses will require students to cover material in the STEM area at deeper level than the introductory Versatility courses. 

Learning Outcomes for “Pursue Advanced Knowledge”
1. Students must use the skills expected from their Versatility courses to study and practice them in greater depth, with further study applied to the area in which they are certified.  

Standards for “Pursue Advanced Knowledge”
1. Certified courses must expect students to practice the skills they learned in their Versatility courses in greater depth. These courses must have prerequisites from among the Versatility categories and will typically be at the 200-400 level.

As of December 2013, the courses below have been certified as meeting the learning objectives and standards for the STEM+ category.

  • ANP 300 Human Anatomy
  • ANP 325 Primate Behavior
  • AST 203 Astronomy
  • BIO 202 Fundamentals of Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIO 203 Fundamentals of Biology: Cellular and Organ Physiology
  • BIO 211 Statistics and Data Analysis: A Conceptual Approach
  • BIO 336 Conservation Biology
  • BIO 351 Ecology
  • BIO 385 Plant Ecology
  • BIO 386 Ecosystem Ecology and the Global Environment
  • BUS 220 Introduction to Decision Sciences
  • CHE 301 Physical Chemistry I
  • CHE 312 Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
  • CHE 321 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 331 Molecular Science II
  • EHI 310 Restoration Ecology
  • EHI 311 Ecosystem Based Management
  • EHI 322 Human Ecology
  • EHI 326 Conservation Genetics
  • ENS 311 Ecosystem Ecology and the Global Environment
  • ENV 317 Ecology of Algae and Plants of Coastal Plains Freshwater Habitats
  • ENV 340 Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science (also certified as ESI)
  • GEO 320 Glacial Geology
  • GSS 350 Applied Spatial Data Analysis
  • GSS 355 Remote Sensing GIS Data
  • HAN 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Health Science II
  • HNI 301 Mathematics for Health Care
  • HNI 310 Pathophysiology
  • MAR 333 Coastal Oceanography
  • MAR 334 Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • PSY 250 Survey in Biopsychology (also certified as SBS+)
  • PSY 260 Survey in Cognition and Perception (also certified as SBS+)
  • SBC 204 Population Studies
  • SBC 354 Drawing for Design--CAD
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