Evaluate and Synthesize Researched Information (ESI)

The Information Age is characterized by the ease with which information and misinformation are created and collected. Information management has become a foundational skill that must be acquired and practice is strongly encouraged. Students, as good citizens, need to arm themselves with the technical literacy necessary to gather information and the ability to manage and analyze that information in order to make sound judgments and take action.

Learning Outcomes for “Evaluate and Synthesize Researched Information”
1. Locate and organize information from a variety of appropriate sources.
2. Analyze the accuracy of information and the credibility of sources.
3. Determine the relevance of information.
4. Use information ethically and responsibly.

Standards for “Evaluate and Synthesize Researched Information”
1. A certified course may be from any department and shall teach research skills and require students to employ methods to seek, manage and analyze information.
2. A certified course shall achieve all four learning outcomes.

As of December 2013, the courses below have been certified as meeting the learning objectives and standards for the ESI category.

  • BUS 358 Marketing Research
  • BUS 365 Financial Management
  • BUS 380 Honors - Research Methods
  • CHE 341 Organic Chemistry Honors Seminar I (also certified as SPK)
  • CHE 342 Organic Chemistry Honors Seminar II (also certified as SPK)
  • CHE 383 Introductory Synthetic and Spectroscopic Laboratory Techniques
  • CHE 496 Senior Research (also certified as EXP+ and SPK)
  • ENV 340 Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science (also certified as STEM+)
  • JRN 105 The Mind of a Reporter
  • PHI 108 Logical and Critical Reasoning (II) (also certified as HUM)
  • PHI 395 Junior Seminar
  • PSY 310 Research and Writing in Psychology (also certified as SBS+ and WRTD)
  • PSY 382 Research Lab: Social Psychology (also certified as WRTD)
  • PSY 383 Behavioral Ecology Laboratory (also certified as WRTD)
  • PSY 384 Research Lab: Human Factors (also certified as WRTD)
  • PSY 399 Junior Honors Seminar (also certified as WRTD)
  • PSY 495 Senior Honors Seminar (also certified as WRTD)
  • PSY 496 Senior Honors Seminar (also certified as WRTD)
  • SBC 401 Integrative, Collaborative Systems Studies
  • SBC 475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
  • SOC 201 Research Methods in Sociology





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