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Seafood Mercury Database

A database of mercury levels in U.S. commercial fish was created by aggregating available data from government monitoring programs and the scientific literature. 1  We intend to maintain this database periodically to capture new available data.

  • A summary of the data published in 2012  is available   here .
  • The raw data in Excel from which the 2012 summary was prepared is accessible via this   link .


We welcome your input on how best to maintain and update this dataset.   Take our brief survey and tell us what you think .



1The 2012 database was published as supplemental material in:

Karimi, R.   et al., 2012. "A Quantitative Synthesis of Mercury in Commercial Seafood and Implications for Exposure in the United States", Environmental Health Perspectives, 120, 11, 1512-1519.


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