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Locker Rentals


Melville Library Student Lounge

Lockers are conveniently located in the Melville Library Study Lounge. The lounge is close to the SAC as well as centrally located on campus. There are tables and chairs for studying and you can also purchase beverages and snacks. Lounge Hours are Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm*.

Lower Level of the Student Activities Center (SAC)

Lockers are conveniently located in the lower level of the Student Activities Center near the Island Federal Credit Union bank. Hours are Monday - Friday: 7:30am to 10pm, Saturday - Sunday: 8am to 10pm*.

View Photos of Locker Locations

*Hours are subject to change.


New Locker Rentals

$56 per year ($31 plus a $25 key deposit)

Rent a New Locker

Locker Renewals

$31 (Locker Renewals must be made prior to May 31)

Renew a Locker

Key Pickup and Return

Please contact the FSA Services Office to arrange for key pickup/return. Call (631) 632-6517 or email


Rent, renew, or return locker rentals online, using the links above.

Locker assignments are for one academic year or part thereof. Costs includes a $25 key deposit which is required for new locker rentals, but will be refunded when the key is returned by no later than May 31. Locker assignments are non-transferable and all property left in lockers that are not renewed will be disposed of after May 31.

Lockers will be opened only once with the presentation of proper identification. If you require having it opened more then once, or you have lost the key, your deposit will be forfeit.

Must be a current student, staff, or faculty member at Stony Brook University to rent or renew a locker.

Contact the FSA Services Office for additional questions regarding locker rentals and renewals.