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For Students

Accessing Textbooks & Course Materials

Use your  SOLAR account to locate course materials and purchase them through the University's online bookstore.

How do I order my textbooks and course materials from the University's online bookstore and see which books I need for my classes?

View Step by Step Instructions

Note: the bookstore receives information regarding required textbooks directly from Stony Brook University on a regular basis. If you have questions about the required book for a particular class, please ask your professor or refer to your syllabus.

Book Buyback

The bookstore buys books back all year long! For more information visit

Rental Check In Due Date

Rental Check In due date is  May 20, 2020

Buying Clickers

Clickers are sold in the following Campus Stores:

  • Shop Red West - located in the Melville Library, lower level
  • Shop Red East - located in Health Sciences Level 2, Room 310

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Shipping & Pickup

Returns & Refunds


For Faculty

Submitting Course Materials Requisitions

Winter and Spring requisitions due October 15.

Summer and Fall requisitions due April 5.

Please keep in mind that the later you submit your order, the more difficult it will be for our course material provider, Follett, to source and secure your course materials in time for the start of the semester. Timely submission helps the bookstore determine the value of the books being used in the next semester. This will guide them as to the value of the books, and offer the students more at buy back time. Students will save money if more used books are available. If you will be teaching a course during the upcoming semester(s) and require books or supplies for your class(es), please remember to submit your order as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email



Department Admins

If you are a department admin ordering course materials for your department, use the link below.



Follett Discover Video Tutorial

Watch a tutorial video on Follett Discover for faculty, the tool that you will be using to submit course materials for the upcoming semester.

Contact us if you have additional questions.

Create Custom Course Packs with XanEdu

XanEdu is a 100% custom publishing company that works with faculty and departments to save students money on the cost of their textbooks/course materials. XanEdu offers prices 25% - 65% lower than traditional publishers!

XanEdu has been producing custom course materials in higher education for over fifteen years. We understand the need for more affordable options for students.

At XanEdu, we work with you to only include only the content you choose and work to keep the cost at a price point you determine! You can choose chapters from various books, write your own content, choose replacement content from any of our hundreds of content partners, or develop a combination of all of the above!

Create a Custom Course Pack with XanEdu directly from your Follett Discover account! Select the Create Content button in your dashboard and follow the prompts.

Other Options Available

For additional custom course pack materials, please contact Follett directly at:

Desk Copies

We are streamlining the desk copy process and providing you with the following information on how to order your own desk copy starting for the Spring 2019 semester. By ordering your own desk copy, you can control the shipping address as well as deal with a publisher one-on-one, making sure your desk copy arrives in a timely manner. Unfortunately the Bookstore Liaison's Office will no longer be ordering desk copies on behalf of professors starting Winter 2018.

You may order your desk copy in these four easy steps:

  1. Adopt your course material via the Follett Discover Tool.
  2. Once you have submitted the ISBN via the tool, Follett's system will give you more information about the title of the book, including the name of the publisher.
  3. Go to the publisher's website, and find their contact information under the "Contact" tab. You may call them directly if it is major publisher, or they will be able to connect you to your own publisher representative. The publisher representative will be able to order your desk copies whenever you need them.
  4. Make sure once you have reached out to the publisher you receive an order confirmation as you will need that confirmation number to follow up with the publisher if you have any questions regarding the desk copy. We hope you are enjoying the beginning of the Fall semester!