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What is Avenue C?

Avenue C is a self-checkout micro market offering a wide-variety of fresh food, snacks, drinks, coffee and more!



  • School of Dental Medicine Cafe
  • Tabler Market
  • Life Sciences
  • Chapin Commons
  • Harriman
  • Administration
  • R&D Park (Building 17)
  • Southampton Library


Accepted Payment Methods

  • Dining Dollars (at Tabler Market)
  • Wolfie Wallet (at Administration, R&D Park (Building 17), Harriman, Chapin Commons, School of Dental Medicine Cafe and Life Sciences)
  • Credit/Debit (all locations)
  • Apple Pay (all locations)

Attention Credit and Debit Card Users and Apple Pay Users

Your bank may place a HOLD on your account greater than the amount of your transaction. This HOLD amount will be updated to reflect the actual transaction amount within 24-72 hours depending on your bank's policy.

Your final charge amount will only be the items you purchased.

Questions regarding account holds should be made directly with your bank.

Using the Self-Checkout Kiosk