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T'Kheya Yisrael receives Dr. William McAdoo Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to T'Kheya Yisrael for receiving the Dr. William McAdoo Memorial Scholarship for “outstanding commitment in actively advocating for social justice issues by participating, organizing and/or coordinating extracurricular and community outreach activities while displaying academic excellence.”

A few words from T'Kheya ...

Thank you so much to the Stony Brook University Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity for selecting me for this Scholarship Award!

It really means the world to me as someone who strives to make our campus feel like it’s a home for everyone, and as a student who is financially responsible for managing all of my school fees!

And thank you to Jarvis M. Watson, EdD and the Black History Month Committee for presenting me with this Scholarship at the Closing Ceremony. We had an awesome keynote speaker (Mr. Jeffrey Dessources), an appearance by President Stanley and a great atmosphere to end of the month!

T'Kheya was also featured on Stony Brook News. Read the story here: T’Kheya-D’Vrehy Yisrael ’19 Celebrates Black Culture on Campus