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Contact: Angela Agnello Faculty Student Association

Student Employees Get A Raise: FSA Follows SUNY and Increases the Minimum Wage Effective Immediately

students working at seawolves marketplace

STONY BROOK, NY, February 25, 2016 Faculty Student Association (FSA) and Campus Dining (CD) student employees can expect an extra boost in their paychecks this week. FSA and CD announced today a pay increase of 75 cents for its student employees, bringing the minimum wage to a competitive average of $10.15 per hour. The increase, effective January 28, 2016*, supports the  SUNY system initiative to raise the minimum wage, advanced by Governor Cuomo.

Students reaping the benefits of this new increase include employees at Seawolves MarketPlace, the Meal Plan Office, Student Staffing Resources Office, FSA Marketing, FSA Accounting, members of USG and more.

“For many students, employment on campus is a significant source of financial aid which helps pay for their tuition, books, transportation and other college living expenses,” stated Warren Wartell, FSA Director of Human Resources. “The University thrives when every student has the opportunity and ability to succeed.”

According to Joseph Poppa, FSA Director of Finance & Accounting, this change affects 923 student workers on campus and is estimated to cost $38,000 for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The FSA student payroll increase will exceed the SUNY initiative by also applying to students who are above minimum wage as a result of having earned merit or promotion-based increases.

“Although SUNY requires the increase only for State funded positions, FSA believes that following the SUNY lead is essential to maintaining a competitive position in attracting the best student employees,” explained Kevin Kelly, FSA Executive Director.

The SUNY initiative raises the minimum wage for more than 28,000 employees and mirrors the phased-in schedule for fast food workers secured last year, as well as state workers announced in October.

Earlier this year, Campus Dining announced student  payroll earnings increased by 32 percent and employment increased by 22 percent in 2015/2016 over the year prior.

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*Students employed by FSA and CD between January 28 and February 25, 2016 will receive retroactive funds in their paycheck for hours worked. 


About the Faculty Student Association

The Stony Brook Faculty Student Association is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit corporation which oversees and operates approximately $60 million of auxiliary services for Stony Brook University. Its Board of Directors is composed of members of the campus community, who are appointed by the respective student, faculty and administrative governance constituencies. FSA’s primary objective is to provide high quality, customer oriented services that best support the mission of the University. FSA operates with no State support and is responsible for generating revenues to support its services, fund major capital improvements, and contribute to the educational, health care, and outreach missions of the University. Over the past five years, FSA has provided funding for over $15 million in capital improvements, mostly in dining hall renovations, $4 million in University program support, $3.5 million in student employment, and $600,000 in student scholarships.

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